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Cait aka Paperfury Book Blogger Interview |

Welcome to the book blogger interview series where I put a spotlight on amazing book bloggers from around the world. First up is (Drum roll pls ) Cait who blogs at Paperfury.

Let’s get started.

p.s: the words written in bold are the questions and silly banter by me. page breaker

Hello Cait. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Cait or CG Drews, and I’m an Aussie (Australian) book blogger, author, and cake enthusiast!

Picture of Cait aka Paperfury behind a book stack
Books are bae. Credit: @paperfury

What inspired you to be a book blogger?

I’ve always been hopelessly obsessed with books and my older sister actually was the one to suggest I blog about it! At the time, I had no idea what a blog even was, but hey, when your sister says you should do something — you just do it. I’m so glad I started because it’s one of my favourite things now!

Can you tell us about your book, A Thousand Perfect Notes?

So my debut novel comes out in June 2018 with Hachette/Orchard Children’s books in the UK! I’m so wildly excited because I’ve worked so long on this book. It’s a story about Beck, a boy abused by his mother and forced to play the piano to fulfil the career she couldn’t. All he wants is to compose his own music, but any hint of rebellion ends in violence. It’s only when Beck meets August, a girl full of life, that love begins to awaken and he glimpses a way to escape his painful existence.

A Thousand Perfect Notes Book Cover
A Thousand Perfect Notes Book Cover

Buy via Amazon | Book Depository

What are the good and bad parts about being a book blogger to you?

I absolutely LOVE being able to flail over books with other bookworms. The worst part is when people attack you for your opinions.

How do you take all those beautiful pics on your blog 😍😍 ?

Aww, thank you! I think I just have beautiful books and flowers, haha, that helps!

Book Stack from Cait aka Paperfury Instagram Page
😍😍 😍. So colourful. Photo credit: @Paperfury

How do you balance blogging and writing a book?

I’m a speed-writer, so I’ll take a week off and whip out the first draft quite fast. I generally take that time off blogging because I’m actually woeful at multitasking. And in the times when I’m not writing?! Then my blog gets the priority!

You also sell Origami on Etsy. So you are a book blogger, writer, and craftswoman. What a trifecta. Tell us about it.

I may be a slight overachiever, that’s for sure! I like to stay really busy…but seriously can we get some more hours in the day so we can get everything done? That would be super helpful.

Which do you prefer printed books, audio books or ebooks?

I do love them all because they suit different needs! Like ebooks are a whole library in your pocket which is freaking fantastic, and audio books are so good for multitasking. But seriously what can beat holding a real book in your hand?!? Since my #1 dream is to live in a library, I’ll have to choose printed books.

What are your top three favourite books?

Ahh, this question is always so hard! I’m going to definitely have to say (1) The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, which is truly the best series I’ve ever read, also (2) A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab, and lastly (3) I’ll mildly “cheat” again and just say all the Shadowhunter books by Cassandra Clare!

The Raven Cycle | Cait aka Paperfury
More books. Photo Credit: @paperfury

Favourite tv series and songs

Right now I’m loving Imagine Dragon’s music, and I just finished watching The Good Place on Netflix which is…so so absurd but also hilarious.

Name a movie that is better than the book… (though it’s mostly the other way around).

Ooh, it does happen! I confess I liked the movie The Help better than the book version. The movie is thoroughly hysterical.

Books you are embarrassed to have never read

I guilty point to Eragon By Christopher Paolini. I love dragons and YA books, so how on earth have I not read it yet?! (I also have not read it. Come Cait, let us glory in our shame together πŸ˜†)

Best childhood memory related to books

When I was around 12 I found the entire Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events book series at a second-hand store. MATCHING. C’mon now, matching books are a smol bookworm’s dream so I practically climbed onto the shelf and hugged them all. That was basically my bookworm origin story. So so much love.


Book Wheel Picture From Cait aka Paperfury Instagram
Spin the wheel to win a book (just kiddingπŸ˜ƒ). Photo credit: @paperfury

What is the one thing you want to do before leaving this earth?

I’d really love to walk into a bookstore and see my book there!

The funniest thing that has happened to you recently

I was filming my sister for one of her vlogs and she wrapped herself in Christmas lights and fell into a Christmas tree…well let’s just say I’m a terrible camerawoman because I was laughing too hard.

If you were stuck in a zombie apocalypse what would you do?

I would probably get eaten because I’m notoriously bad at surviving outdoors. I might try to beat them back with a hardcover book first??? Those things are weapons, I tell you.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Does immortality count as a superpower? I have a huge TBR pile I need to get through so immortality would really help.


Picture from Caits Instagram account

What language do you speak or want to learn apart from English

I only speak English, but I took a few years of French in highschool and ashamedly failed really badly. I blame my Australian accent, but I’ll be real…I’m just horrible at learning languages.

Advice to new book bloggers out there?

Don’t worry if you’re “doing it right”…honestly, just write the blog YOU want to read. Make it fun and make it your own and don’t feel pressured to follow rules or trends. Be comfortable with your own voice because blogging is supposed to be fun!

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I like to say I give the gift of my presence to my family daily, but they are 500% unimpressed when I tell them that. Strange. So I recently sent some books to my nieces and nephew! Because I’m a nerdy aunt, what can I say. page breaker

Picture of Cait aka Paperfury

Cait blogs about books and writing over at Paperfury. Her book, A Thousand Perfect Notes is coming out 7th June 2018. Don’t forget to add it on Goodreads and you can buy it on Amazon or Book Depository. You can follow her on Twitter @PaperFury and on Instagram @paperfury.

All images were gotten from Cait @paperfury bookstagram feed, you seriously need to check it out. She takes amazing bookstagram pictures. Thanks for granting me this great Interview Cait.

Chat time! What superpowers would you like to have? What movie do you think is better than the book? Know any other amazing book bloggers who you would like to see featured here, let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. “….just write the blog YOU want to read. Make it fun and make it your own and don’t feel pressured to follow rules or trends.”, that’s good advice really…

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