Happy New Year everyone. Still can’t believe we are in 2018, last year flew by so fast. This is my first post of the year and I hope you all enjoy it and discover new books  by amazing authors to add to your TBR. This is the second part of my list of ten books to diversify your reading in 2018, you can find the first part HERE.

the belles

THE BELLES: Written by Dhonielle Clayton. It tells the story of Camellia, a Belle. Belles control beauty and are revered in Orleans where people are born gray and ugly. She has a dream to become the Queen’s favourite Belle but not all dreams lead to a happy ending. She soon uncovers dark secrets, learns more about the origins of the Belle’s and her  powers and has to make a choice that may put her life at risk in a land where beauty is prized above all else.

First off, when I read the synopsis of this book on Goodreads first thing that I thought of was that power puff girls episode where a clown goes around stealing people colours and making the world gray just that in this case the belles give people their color and beauty.  It definitely has an interesting plot and the cover of the book is gorgeous. Imagine being able to change your looks completely for a price, although that already happens with cosmetics, plastic surgery and the likes.. but all the beauty in the world can’t change who you are on the inside and I feel that is what this book is trying to pass across. That true beauty comes from within. The Belles comes out 20th of February and you can pre-order the book HERE. (why wait when you can reserve your copy now right? 😉)

You have to the favorite just like me, Maman told me before she died. The people of Orleans hate themselves. You must change that.
The memory of her words warm me from the inside out as the sting of missing her swells inside my chest. The favorite shows the world what is beautiful. She reminds them of what is essential. I wished she had lived long enough to be here, watching from the stage.


She is a Gris. All the people in Orleans are born this way – skin pallid, gray and shriveled, eyes cherry-red, hair like straw – as if all the color was leached out of them, leaving behind the shade of freshly picked bones and ash. But if they earn enough spintria, we can lift away the darkness, and the beauty underneath the gray, and maintain their transformation. We can save them from a life of unbearable sameness.



serpents secret
This book cover is so lovely.

THE SERPENT’S SECRET: Written by Sayantani DasGuptaWhat if you discover that all those magical stories you were told as a child were true? Well that’s what happens to Kiranmala when her parents go missing and she is attacked in her home by a demon. She finds out she really is an Indian princess. With the help of two Indian princes, she must embark on a quest to save her parents in a dimension  where magic and mystical creatures exists and face the Serpent King.

The main character in this book is an Indian and as we are told an Interdimensional demon slayer which is such a killer combo. I recently watched an Indian film called Bahubali and now I am thirsty for Indian fantasy books or movies.It is categorised as a children’s book so it is a great book for your kids and also a fun read for adults.. The Serpent’s secret comes out 27th of February and you can pre-order it HERE

And it even has this amazing book trailer. (Is it weird that this is the first book trailer I’ve ever watched?)


FRESHWATER: Debut novel of  Akwaeke Emezi. It is a story about Ada, who was born with “one foot on the other side”, an Ogbanje  making her a troubled child and as she grows she begins to have different selves which are made stronger after a traumatic event. Her alternate selves become stronger causing havoc as she fades away.

Well I have never read a book about a Nigeria woman with multiple personalities so this should be an interesting read. There are a lot of great reviews about this book and it’s also not for the faint at heart as there is violence, self-mutilation, multiple personality disorder and rape in the book. The story takes place in Nigeria and America as we follow the life of Ada and her splintered selves. Freshwater comes out on the 13th of February and you can pre-order the book HERE


“By the time she (our body) struggled out into the world, slick and louder than a village of storms, the gates were left open. We should have been anchored in her by then, asleep inside her membranes and synched with her mind. That would have been the safest way. But since the gates were open, not closed against remembrance, we became confused. We were at once old and newborn. We were her and yet not. We were not conscious but we were alive—in fact, the main problem was that we were a distinct WE instead of being fully and just HER.”


robots vs fairies

ROBOTS VS. FAIRIES: Are you team fairy or team robots? Who do you think is more awesome? Make your choice by reading this anthology of  stories  about fairies and robots written by Seanan McGuire, Ken Liu, Alyssa Wong, Sarah Gailey,  and several other amazing authors and edited by Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe . It is a collection of 18 stories, some told from fairies perspective, some from robot’s perspective, some a mixture of both and with a story where robots and fairies are actually pitted against each other in a  fight. If you are a  lover of fantasy and sci-fi, this is a must read.

Robots vs. Fairies was released on  January 9th and you can get it HERE


“We knew this day would come. We tried to warn the others. It was obvious either the sharp rate of our technological advancement would lead to the robot singularity claiming lordship over all, or that the fairies would finally grow tired of our reckless destruction of the natural world and take it back from us.”


SEVEN DEADLY SHADOWS: Are you a fan of Japanese folklore and anime? Then you should totally check out this book. Written by Courtney Alameda and Valynee E. Maetani. Kira, a seventeen year old girl who is bullied at school discovers that she can see demons and talk to them. This leads to an unlikely team up between her and the seven death gods or Shinigami along with her younger sister to save Kyoto from its impending doom. Not much has been revealed about the book. It is slated to be released September 25th and you can add it on Goodreads HERE.

I’m getting some Bleach, Death note and Noragami vibes from this books. Probably because I watch as much anime as I read books.

Untitled design(5)

And that’s all folks. Phew. It wasn’t easy compiling this list as there are a lot of diverse amazing books coming out this year. Some other amazing books which didn’t make it to this list are

Chat time! What book are you excited to read this year? Who do you think would win in a fight, robots or fairies? Would love to see your answers in the comments below. Thanks for reading.
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  1. I recently bought Freshwater. I can”t wait to read it. It sounds like something I’ll really like though it seems to deal with some dark themes.

  2. Freshwater was SUCH a gem! 🙂 I absolutely, absolutely loved it! I’ll have to check out some of your other recommendations on this list too. And BTW, my review of Freshwater comes out tomorrow, and it will have several similar recommendations at the end of the post – in terms of diversity and similarity of topics, so I suggest checking those out too, cause I think you’ll like them 🙂

    I can’t wait to find more books like Freshwater, and I can’t believe I got that as an ARC. I feel so lucky 🙂

    1. Aww I’m glad you loved freshwater.
      Of course you are lucky to have gotten it as an Arc (so jealous right now) 😂 😂. I’ll be sure to check out your review. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The Serpent’s secret looks stunning! I read more about it on Goodreads and I’m completely sold! Thank’s for helping me find another book to add to my TBR. I haven’t seen this anywhere, and I’m hoping that I’ll get to read it soon!

    1. You are welcome. There are so many amazing book out there that aren’t getting the love and hype they deserve. I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Eeep I’m so happy I have a ton of these on my TBR already! I’m so so excited for The Belles in particular (and also From Twinkle With Love). These authors are so brilliant and their writing is an incredible gift to this world. ❤️ Release dates, come sooner please! 😂😂

    1. How about we build a time machine to go to the future, get the book, read them and come back? Hmm nah we would probably want to stay in the future with all the amazing books. lol. Thanks for stopping by

  5. So many interesting books! I need to get my hands on Robots. VS. Fairies, that’s such a cool concept. The Serpent’s Secret sounds really good as well. And it doesn’t hurt that they both have stunning covers.

    1. yeah they both have great covers and great plots. If you have enough funds to get the book, sure go for it. You can never have enough books. lol.

  6. All the books sounds amazing. Interesting review, Weldon! I think fairies will have an upper hand over robots because they have some kinda magical or mystical powers.

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