Welcome back to the book blogger interview series where I untroduce you to amazing book bloggers out there.

Today we have May from Forever and Everly blog. Lets get started.

Hi May. Tell us a little about yourself

  • Hi there! I’m May, also known as the Mango Queen to my loyal followers. I blog at Forever and Everly (which you should be checking out right now because I’m extremely hilarious and amazing and talk about mangoes all the time. I’m also very modest). I also love to read YA books, write books & poetry, dance, and review books!

What inspired you to be a book blogger?

  • I originally started out as what I like to call a personal blogger. But as I got more immersed into the bookish world and found many good books in the Young Adult genre, my posts started turning more bookish. And as for why I just started blogging in general — I’d always wanted to start a blog, but it wasn’t until I saw a friend of mine’s WordPress blog that I actually made that dream came true!

Why do you love mangoes so much?

  • I love mangoes because they are so DELICIOUS???? They are literally one of my favorite foods in the world. They’re sweet, have just the right texture, and just like, melt in your mouth?? They are heaven.

Forever and Everly

Tell us three books that changed your life or your perspective on things?

  • Ooh, this is such a tough one! A book that really changed me & my perspective on things was The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. It talks about black racism & police brutality in America, and if there’s one book everyone should read, it is this one. Six of Crows is one of my absolute FAVORITE books in the world (well, actually, the sequel) — and it is so inspiring to me as a reader and writer. And while I’ve loved reading since I was a child, I have to say that the Percy Jackson books changed my life, because it was the first book series I ever obsessed over!

Which do you prefer printed books, audio books or ebooks?

  • OH MY GOD. PRINTED BOOKS FOR SURE. I’ve tried audio books for school books and that’s when I have a separate copy, so I always end up reading ahead! I really don’t read as well auditorally (I’m very visual). And ebooks hurt my eyes??? I mean, if it’s a last resort, I’ll read it (same for audio books), but I MUCH prefer physical books!! The smell, the feeling of the pages in my hand — I love it!
 How do you balance blogging and your life?
  • I don’t.
  • Hahaha, just kidding! It’s definitely SUPERRRR hard to balance everything. I’m currently behind on commenting on posts & replying to comments because I have so much going on with school, especially with exams coming up. The best thing to do is prioritize what’s more important and set specific times to do every task. And if it comes to it, you can sleep when you’re dead, right?

The good and bad about being a book blogger

  • Good: getting to talk to other bookworms & spread the book love & make friends!!
  • Bad: not having enough time to read, getting jealous of the books that everyone else gets, just NOT ENOUGH TIME IN GENERAL

How do you feel about diversity in books? 

  • YESSS THANK YOU FOR THIS QUESTION!!! I am 100% an advocate for it. I’m a POC myself (Asian — Thai to be specific), and I may be queer but I am unsure yet. I also suspect I have mild anxiety and/or social anxiety, though I haven’t been professionally diagnosed. And I’m Buddhist! So I think that seeing marginalized races & sexualities & mental health conditions & religions is SUPER important. Not only does diversity make everything more realistic, but it gives a voice to people who don’t necessarily have one, and, if done right, it educates others about some not very well-known things. And I also think it’s important to realize that not every book is going to represent every person correctly — we all have different experiences!!
What is your best childhood memory related to books?
  • My best childhood memory related to books was when my mother read to me the book “Elmo Loves You!” I still have the book and it’s in poor condition, but it just reminds me of when I was too young to read but actually recited the words with my mom because I remembered them from reading it so much. (Yes, I was a smart kid. I don’t know about now.)

profile pic maybe

You also write… I saw some writings on your blog, can you tell us about that?

  • Ooh yes! I do write, and it’s something I love to do. I recently finished NaNoWriMo, which is a challenge to write 50K in one month (November). On December 12th, I actually finished my first novel ever, called Glittered Ghosts!! It’s a complete MESS, and you can find out more about it here, but I’m so proud that I finally have a complete draft of at least one novel. (If you’d like, you can read snippets & my future plans here!) I mainly write Young Adult books with magical aspects and sassy characters.
  • I also write poetry. My poems are very close to my heart & soul, and if sharing my stories/prose gives me the terrified feeling of skydiving, sharing my poetry gives me the ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED feeling of running away from a lion, tiger, and bear. Combined in one humongous beast.

Any advice to new book bloggers out there?

  • There are so many important pieces of advice?? In terms of growing your blog: Interact with others (comment on other posts!), make your blog pretty, post consistently, keep everything fun! And in general? Just be you. Work hard on your blog. Have fun!! And never give up, because you will eventually get to the point of “success”, whatever that is to you. <33

What is the one thing you want to do before leaving this earth?

  • Hmm, does reading all the books on my TBR count??
  • Okay, probably not, because that’s IMPOSSIBLE. But to be honest? I want to visit each and every one of the friends I’ve made online. I talk to them through my screen, and I don’t even know how many of them look/sound like. So to meet them in person would be TERRIFYING, but it would also be AMAZING.

If you were stuck in a zombie apocalypse what would you be the first thing you do?

  • I would call my family & friends to see if they were all right. After freaking out & hysterically crying, of course.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

  • To control time. My main problem in my life is that I don’t have enough time, so this would be an amazing superpower to have???
What is your favourite song, movie and tv series?
  • Oh god, I really cannot choose favorites??? Uhhh, I really love all of the songs in the Hamilton musical, and I’m in love with James Bay’s “Hold Back the River”. My favorite movie would have to be The Incredibles (tho that may change with the Love, Simon movie coming out in 2018!!). And I don’t watch that many TV series? But I LOOOOOVE the sitcom Friends! (I mean, who doesn’t.)

What language do you speak or want to learn apart from English?

  • My parents are from Thailand, but I’m unfortunately not fluent in it. I WISH I WAS SPECIAL TOO, I KNOW. I mean, I can understand it well, but I can only speak a little bit of the language. So I’d love to learn it enough to speak it! And I also am currently learning French, which I personally believe to be a very beautiful language.

Name a movie that is better than the book it was adapted from…though its mostly the other way around.

  • I barely watch any movie adaptations?? None that I’ve seen have been better than the book. (But I’m 100% positive that the Love, Simon movie is going to be AMAZING, just like its book!!)
Books you are embarrassed to have never read
  • The Hunger Games. I am a YA lover and yet… I’ve never read the most famous YA novel of all time????
What was the last gift you gave someone?
  • Wow is it bad that I don’t remember giving any gifts to anyone. OH WAIT. I bought a book for a friend in a gift exchange that we’re doing. I also made my mother buy me three books for me, so you could say I gifted myself. ;)W

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

  • I came out of the shower one day last month, and I turned off the light. But it was really dark — darker than usual — and my eyes were still adjusting to the light change. I was like, “Why was it so dark??” but then I shrugged it off… and ran into the door. Like, fully ran into the door. I banged my head into the door and also bruised my knee, but it’s okay because I was so stupid that it was HILARIOUS.

Thanks May for the great interview. May blogs about books and mangoes over at Forever and Everly blog. you can also find her on Goodreads .

Chat time! What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? Know any amazing book bloggers, do tell. Book bloggers from around the world, no matter where we grew up or how different our lives are, we have one thing in common: our love for BOOKS. Happy Holidays everyone.


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