Binti: Home is full of action, emotions, unpredictability and strange things.

It is the sequel to Binti which follows the story of Binti, a Himba girl who ran away from home to study at an intergalactic university and along the way is thrust into a war between humans and aliens called Meduse. It is the second novel in the award-winning Binti series by Nnedi Okorafor.

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Binti goes back to  Earth, to the home she ran away from. Along with Okwu  who will be the first Meduse to go to earth in over a hundred years in peace. She is received as a hero but also seen as a disappointment for running away from home by her tribe. But going home starts off another journey  in which she is introduced to new things and learns new truths. Can there really be peace between humans and Meduse and can Binti finally get the answer to the question that plagues her…..who is she?


I really liked this book even more than the first. Binti returns home and we see her deal with her grief and also see the reactions of the community she ran away from while being exposed to some new truths. More about the desert people is revealed in this book and it makes several parts of the first book make a lot more sense. First book I have read in one go in a while.

It also shed light on the racism and prejudice among humans. The Khoush look down on the Himba who in turn look down on the desert people who they think are savages. You would think that the Himba people, being victims of racism would be free from it but we see them do it to others and also the inability to accept change even though they make such good technology. They are still just human and so they are flawed. This is also present in our society. A race looks down on another race who in turn look down on people from their race but from different tribes or countries. Then you wonder when will humans ever learn.

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Binti the main character is as amazing as ever. She is not perfect though as she is still broken by the tragedy that happened on her way to Oomza university and feels out of place with her tribe’s way of life. But through it all she is strong and smart and willing to change and to face her demons. We see her struggle with her identity…is she Himba or something else. She is a very fascinating girl to me. I can almost imagine her voice as I read the book. Strong yet vulnerable.

Okwu is just as mysterious as ever. We still don’t know much about  the Meduse. The desert people are introduced well and startling truths are revealed. They are quite a fascinating people.

p.s : The Himba Tribe is actually a real tribe in Namibia.


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” My ancestors are dancing” Okwu said in Otijihimba, its voice wavering with more emotion than I’d ever heard Okwu convey. Then Okwu swam back into the water. For the next thirty minutes, it danced with the snails.


Well I was left at the end with more questions but it’s a novella in a trilogy so it is to be expected. I was angry at the end though like why lead me through this wonderful tale only to leave me hanging at end…. Why Nnedi why? The cliffhanger was insane.

Well to be honest I don’t have any other dislikes about it. Another great work from Nnedi Okorafor(find out more about her HERE). And I can’t wait for the next book.  I wish I have a time travelling machine so I can go forward in time and read the next book.


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5 stars (I did try to be stingy but i just could’nt.)


Binti was really fun to read. The world in the book is complex but fascinating. Nnedi Okorafor style of writing sci-fi and fantasy is new and fresh to me (I mean there was a pregnant spaceship in the book) and I have read enough sci-fi and fantasy book for a lifetime (I think…let me quickly check my bookshelf). So I recommend this to everyone, you wont be disappointed. But then again this is just my opinion 🙂 .

Why not check it out for yourself. You can get it on amazon HERE NOW  or on Book Depository (free shipping worldwide).

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  1. You have inspired me yet again…I’m very excited to add this book to my to-do list😊😊…Thanks Aby…I can’t wait for the next gem😍

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