#Project14lists: Graphic Novels recommended by Bloggers and Bookstagrammers

I’m taking part in #project14lists hosted by Shealea and you can find out more about it here. Due to the positive response to my last post where bloggers/ bookstagrammers talked about the best books they read in 2018, I decided to make another one, this time centred around Graphic novels/Comics. I really got into graphic novels this year and read a bunch of them. Trust me I know several people who don’t rate Graphic novels/Comics or think it isn’t really reading or just use them as a quick read to complete their Goodreads challenge when the year is almost over (p.s:  I’m not calling anyone out).

So I decided to show some love to Graphic novels/Comics and here I am with another edition of Bloggers/Bookstagrammers best of 2018: Graphic novels edition!!!

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So first up we have Marija @ Inside my library mind and here’s what she had to say about the best graphic novel series she read in 2018.


One of my highlights of the year when it comes to comic series has been Fence by C.S. Pacat and Joanna the Mad. This is a comic series that follows Nicholas Cox, a young fencing competitor as he tries to get into an elite school with a great fencing program. However, things start to get complicated as his biggest rival, Seiji Katayama, applies for the same school.

I cannot recommend this comic series enough. The art is just stunning and it has that realistic and sort of fun note to it that I really enjoy. On top of that, I find the world of competitive fencing to be incredibly entertaining and interesting. I love the way the fights between characters are portrayed and the way that fencing is incorporated into the story. Moreover, this series is really diverse and the characters are so fantastic. I love all of them so much. And their interactions and relationships are just to die for. Highly recommend this if you like contemporary stories, with great characters and fantastic dynamics.

Next is Sachi @sachireads, a Japanese-American bookstagrammer. You should definitely check her out and did I mention she has a cute Corgi named Yuki. Ahem, well here’s what she had to say.


My favourite graphic novel I’ve read this year is the second volume of a two-part set. MY BROTHER’S HUSBAND, Vol 2 by Gengoroh Tagame is a heartwarming continuation of the first novel with an ending that will make you cry. The series features three characters: Yaichi (a single parent living in Japan), his daughter Kana, and a surprise visitor – Mike (A Canadian who turns out to be the husband of Yaichi’s deceased twin brother). This unlikely group of characters spend a few weeks in Japan together and learn about family, personal growth, and thinking outside cultural norms.

While I enjoyed the second volume more than the first, Volume 1 is essential for the payoff of Volume 2. After spending so much time with the characters in Volume 1, the conclusion of their story in Volume 2 makes a greater impact. I also love that the characters mesh together so nicely in Volume 2, but that contrast would’ve been harder to notice if the reader didn’t finish Volume 1. Overall, both volumes are two parts of one amazing story that I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about the sentiments of homosexuality in Japan or unlikely family bonds

Finally, we have Lauren @ Northern Plunder, she chose Locke & Key: Master Edition Volume One (Lock & Key #1-2) by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez as her favourite and here’s why


Locke & Key is a horror fantasy novel that came to me highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint. The first volume is a great introduction to the siblings and the terrors they’ve faced which have landed them in a new home, as well as initial exploration and use of the keys they find in the home, and the second is great with plot development and further use of the keys.

Not surprisingly, the keys are what really drew me to this graphic novel as each does something wild and impossible; from leaving your body and exploring as a ghost, to seeing inside your own head and removing things you don’t want to remember. As we’ve seen how powerful a few of these keys are it is easy to see the danger that they’re facing when others are looking for specific keys.

I’m also a big fan of the art as I think it really compliments the story. Or maybe I’m just a huge fan of gothic characters and very imaginative and messed up worlds. Whilst the story has fun and vivid parts to it, it also has very sombre undertones as a huge part of the story is the kids dealing with grief which provides a good balance Overall I recommend giving this a try!

One of the best graphic novels I read this year is On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden. It about a young girl called Mia who joins a space crew and the adventures they have while trying to find Mia’s lost love. I really loved this book because it had one of the best friendships I’ve ever seen in a fictional world. They all supported, protected and stood up for each other and the art is gorgeous. There is also a non-binary character and f/f relationships. You can read my mini review here

on a sunbeam

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Chat time! Whats your favourite graphic novel of 2018? Have you read any of these books? Can you believe that the year is practically over? Happy New Year in Advance everyone. p.s pls don’t forget to take my blog survey, your opinion matters to me.

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  1. My Brother’s Husband is on my TBR for 2019! I want to read more manga because I miss it, and I started this one but never finished. For people who liked it I recommend Yotsuba&!, it’s the cutest manga about a little girl who has no clue how life works and is hilarious. She’s very curious, sweet and the chapters will make you go “aaaaaw”.

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