Hey guys, I’m back with the lists for #project14lists and this time it’s a Booktuber version. #project14lists is hosted by Shealea @ thatbookshelfbitch and you find out more about it here. Booktubers are book lovers who review books on YouTube and it is such a vibrant community. So here are some booktubers I discovered this year who just blew me away with their creativity and love for diverse books.

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First up we have Seji @ the artisan geek.

What’s not to love about Seji’s booktube account, The Artisan Geek.Β  From creative reviews of books to acting out scenes related to the books to giving us a bookish version of a love song while showing us some killer moves to her hilarious news flash section. You really need to check this girl out and come thank me later. πŸ˜‰

Heres a video of her book parody of Dance to This by Troye Sivan and yes now I have what to use to woo my crushes to come join me in book paradise. Thanks Seji. P.S: I am loving that wig.πŸ˜‚ You can also find her on Instagram.


Next up is A Bookish Pair. Made up of two friends, Tife Dada and Diana Renae. What I love about them is their focus on African Literature which I think this is something that’s lacking in the booktube community. They have also interviewed African Authors and I’m really excited to see how far they go. You can also find them on Instagram


Finally, we have Aisha @ A chapter from Aisha. Aissata (Aisha for short) is a 17-year-old Muslim booktuber. Apart from books, she talks about high school life, her travels and her life in general. I found her channel recently and I just love her videos. She also has a bookstagram account @achapterfromaisha and you can find her on twitter @Aisha_chapter

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Chat time! Who are your favourite booktubers? Do you follow any of these booktubers I mentioned above? How has this week been for you? Stay safe everyone and happy holidays. P.S: please if you can take my blog survey, it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time and would make this bookworm very happy. Thank you


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  1. Though I believe that I follow a little too many BookTubers, I do like BookTube! I don’t think I’ve heard of these booktubers except for the last one? Their channels seem cool as well so I’ll probably subscribe.

    I like the YouTubers arum-lily mentioned as well. Especially Brandon the book addict. Merphy Napier and Naya Reads and Smiles are pretty awesome. Books Are My Social Life is a good channel. The guy there is so sassy. Downright bookish is really interesting as well. and iLivieforbooks! I’m subscribed to more but I don’t think you’d actually want the entire list xD

  2. Oh these look like amazing book tubers! I confess I don’t watch many atm, but I’d love to expand my follow list next year so I’ll definitely check these out πŸ’›

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