Happy New Month everyone. I know I always say this but I really can’t believe we are in October now like what? The year is almost over and I feel I haven’t really accomplished anything. So what are your plans for October and how was September? Here’s my answer


So September was a month of disappointments and triumphs. I struggled with a lot of things and I didn’t blog much. I was stressed with work and all. But towards the end of the month, I started to get back in sync with things and the goals I needed to accomplish became much more clearer. So I just want to thank my personal cheerleaders: Fade @ Thatlagosgirl and Nandini @ Unputdownablebooks for all the support.

I was so bad at blogging last month and only put up posts on the blog which are:

  • A review of A Country of Extraordinary Ghosts by Onyeka Nwelue, a Nigerian author. This book is such a weird book, it takes you on a whirlwind from Sodom to Nigeria then Rome following a man trying to figure out how he came to be in a place while engaging in all kinds of debauchery.
  • A mini review of two books I read and loved in September. A graphic novel with an all-female space crew and a YA book about family, loyalty, tattoos and skin books. Check it out, mini-reviews: Space adventures and Skin books.

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"I think you've got a choice, Leora." She leans forward. "Do you want to stick needles in the living or scalpels in the dead" – Ink 🌟 For me Ink is one of those books that you go into without any expectations and you end up really loving it. What would you do if you live in a world where every action, event or achievement is written on your skin for all to see in the form of tattoos and you have a secret to hide? Link to review in bio. 🌟 Okay so how gorgeous is this cover. This pic doesn't do justice to the golden foil cover with amazing artwork. QOTD: Are you a cover hoe? Are you more attracted to pretty covers? I have to admit I'm a bit of a cover hoe , or maybe I'm just hampered by the state of my bank account lol. What book have you bought cause of the cover that you regretted later? #inkalicebroadway #yafantasy #uwadisreads #coverhoe #bookstagramtogether #unitedbookstagram #yaliterature #bookphotography

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I read five books in September. I loved Emergency contact by Mary H.K Choi. It was recommended to me by @sachireads, a Japanese-American bookstagrammer and Guys this book is so good. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. The romance was written so well and I loved the female friendship in it and how part of it focused on relationships with moms. Review to come soon, so get ready for a long review full of fangirling.


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Another fun thing that happened in Sept is that I got to meet Lara who blogs at Naijabookbabe. We met up at a mall and just chilled and talked about books and a secret project. It was nice to finally meet another Nigerian book blogger. Her blog is going through a revamp and name change s definitely check it out.

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Okay so first of this is my BIRTHDAY month. So yeah I’m extra happy this month and I’ve got a lot of stuff planned out and I hope it all works out.


  • Blog often this month. I’ve got a bunch of posts centered on October in the works cause you know I have to do something special this month. I also have an original book tag in the works centered on one of my favourite books. Can you guess which book it is?
  • Read at least 5 books. I’m really behind on my netgalley ARCS , so no more new books for me till I make a dent in that.
  • Interact more. I missed you all and I’m going to be blog hopping more this month. So go ahead and drop a link to one of your recent posts if you can.
  • Write more. Ive got a ton of story ideas but I always look for excuses not to write. I need help.
  • Finally send out a newsletter. Ive been procrastinating this for months cause I wasn’t sure it was good enough to send to people’s emails. So if you want to encourage me pls sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already, just click HERE. I’ll pop into your email once or twice a month, talking about books, life, food and maybe a giveaway soon.
  • Stop overthinking things and just go out there and do them. I have lost count of the things Ive said I would do and started planning but never did. I spend so much time on planning them, wanting everything to be perfect and being so anxious that I never get round to doing them. Never again. Never again.

Can you tell I’m excited? Things are finally falling in place. So I wish everyone a great October and encourage you all to go after your goals. It might seem like nothing is working out or you haven’t achieved much this year but remember that everyone has their own pace and it doesn’t matter how fast you get there but that you eventually get there and achieve your goals so stop beating yourself up. Okay Im a crappy motivational speaker so Im going to stop here now.

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Chat time! Is your birthday this month too, let me know. What great books did you read recently? I need some suggestions for how to celebrate my birthday so I’m all ears. Should I do it classic introvert style? Dont forget to drop a link to your blog posts so I can check them out.


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