Recently I went on a graphic novel/comics binge on Netgalley and got approved for a bunch of them. I found out that graphic novels helped bring me out of reading slump as they are short, easy to read and bursting with great illustrations. I hardly used to read graphic novels before apart from Japanese manga I read occasionally.

So here are the ones I loved.

herding cats

HERDING CATS: Written by Sarah Andersen. I first saw her comics on Instagram, so when I found out she had a comic book coming out I just had to request for it. In her comics she talks about things we as humans go through and struggle with in ways that you can have a good laugh but also relate to.Β  She also gives advice toΒ  aspiring artists in this book as well. A really great read and I rate it 4 stars. Published on the 27th of March and you can also follow her on Instagram. She has also written two comics before this one, Adulthood Is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection and Big Mushy Happy Lump ! Be sure to check them out guys.

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EMMA AND VIOLETTE: This is a comic about two sisters who love to dance and their dreams and ambitions. Emma and Violette share the dream of attending a prestigious dance school in Paris and work towards that dream with high hopes. But what happens when one of them doesn’t get in? This is a graphic novel full of dance, heartbreak, first love and realizing that there is more than one way to dance through life. I really enjoyed this book and I was cheering Emma on by the end of the book. I loved the illustrations in this book and I would definitely want to read the next volume in this series so it gets aΒ  4 Star rating from me. It was published on 17th of January and written by Jerome Hamon and Lena Sayaphoum.

emma and viol


DREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY VOLUME 1: This follows a little girl called Tutu who gets stranded in a snow storm and ends up in another world filled with talking animals. This world has a strange rule, apparently being a little girl is a crime (gasp) and so Tutu’s hardships begins as she finds herself stuck in a strange world while being haunted by dreams of a white butterfly, looking for a way back to her world and meeting people along the way including the emperor who might be her only hope but is full of schemes. I enjoyed it, even though Tutu is stuck in a dilemma of sorts , there are a lot of funny scenes with cute not so evil rabbits and I found myself wondering what is the white butterfly and just what plans does the Emperor have along with Tutu. I feel this would be a great read for children and young adults. Published on 23rd of January 2018 and written by Richard Marazano . I rate it four stars.



MANFRIED THE MAN: Written by Caitlin Major. This is a graphic novel I read purely out of curiosity. Imagine a world where the roles of man and cat are reversed. Well that’s exactly what happens in this graphic novel. In this book the cats are human sized while the humans are pet sized and are the pets of the Cats which makes it a fun read. Manfried is a man pet who lives with his owner Steve. The comic alternates betweenΒ  Steve and Manfried point of view as we see them overcome several challenges. When Manfried goes missing Steve has to look for him in the process getting his life back togetherΒ  while Manfried makes new friends. Manfried the man comes out May 1st and I rate it 3 stars.



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Chat time! What book are you looking forward to reading this month? Do you read graphic novels and comics? Have you read any of these books?Β 

P.s these images used in this post do not belong to me and there are affiliate links in this post which is a way to support my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

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  1. I loved Emma and Violette – the art was amazing and so fitting for the story. I like Sarah Andersen’s books, but Herding Cats wasn’t my favourite.

    Have a great new month!

  2. I tried reading graphic novels and comics from NetGalley (there’s way more of those on Edelweiss, by the way!) but somehow I just can’t read those on my phone (tiny screen xD) and I don’t way to stay at the computer after I’m done working. I have tried, but it never seems to work πŸ˜€ I’m glad it is working for you! Manga and comics are great. I actually read Herding Cats! It was fun. Oh man, haha, Manfried the Man sounds hilarious as an idea πŸ˜€

    1. I read them on my phone and laptop. I’m used to reading them on my phone even though it’s bad for my eyes πŸ˜… cause I carry my phone everywhere. Yeah Manfried the man is a good comic, you should check it out if you can. 😊😊 happy New month.

  3. The cat-man book looks hilarious! I should get it and read it to my cat πŸ˜€ Just so he can appreciate how nice i am with him… hehe

    1. Ooo great idea…. But wait, what if it gives your cat ideas and your cats leads a cat revolution to enslave humans as their pets. πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.just kidding

      1. oh, lol… i think my couldn’t be bothered. he’s even too lazy to do normal cat things, just rolls around in bed all day or sits at the window, and looks majestic πŸ˜€

  4. Oh I love comics and graphic novels! I definitely don’t read enough of them though…but I never thought about requesting them on NG?! That’s such a good idea heheh. I really loved Sarah Scribble’s two books but haven’t read the latest yet. Her art is SO good and freaking relatable for introverts.πŸ˜‚

    1. Yeah I’m an introvert and her comics are so relatable. requesting comics on Netgalley is great cause they are easy to read and can be used to boost your feedback ratio if you don’t have time to read full novels 😈. Happy New month

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