HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE! And to my fellow bookworms Happy Book Day.

How was February? Well for me it was a whirlwind of classes, books, fun and so many other things.

So this is officially my first wrap up post on this blog. Yay. Milestone for this small book blogger, it shows I have been a little constant with blogging.

So in February I joined a blogging group for new book bloggers on Discord and I wish I had heard about it and joined sooner. The group was created by Evelina who blogs at Avalinahbooks. There is also a separate group for international book bloggers and there I met another Nigerian Book blogger, Lara (check out her blog you guys). I didn’t realize how lonely I felt as a Nigerian book blogger until I met her, talking to someone who blogs about books and goes through the same issues you do in your country is great. Now we chat about books, life in Nigeria, outrageous shipping rates and girl stuff on twitter. Am I friends with you on Twitter yet?

I also received my first book mail from Diverse Book Bridge in February. I got the ARC of The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton which I devoured in less than two days. It is the best book I have read in this year so far. The review is up on my blog and I totally loved the book.

the belles by dhonielle clayton
😍😍 I want to receive book mail every month 😊


I read a good amount of books this month. I got approved for a bunch of books on Netgalley. Most of them graphic novels which I can’t wait to tell you about in future posts. So here are some of the books I read in February.


february wrap up


I decided to close my eyes and order a Spearcraft book box. My first ever book box subscription. Right now my bank account is crying cause of my bad decisions but the theme of this month book box is Passport to Africa and I’m pretty sure I know what book is going to be in it and its one of my most anticipated books this year so I just couldn’t resist.

So excited



I wrote just one post in February which is bad but it’s mostly due to the fact that I’m back to university and have to go for classes and do assignments and read school books all day. But I love blogging so I’ll try to be more constant this month, so expect more reviews, book recommendations from me and also food posts which I haven’t done in a long time. So stick with me you guys.

Untitled design(4)

The favourite blog posts of the month meme is run by Kristina @ KristinKravesBooks and anyone can participate, just put up a post on your blog about blog posts by other bloggers that you loved and lets all support each other. I Β read a lot of great posts from my fellow bloggers last month. Some of them are:

  • Inside my library mind post about how we hold our favourite genres to higher standards than other genres and I totally agree with her. She has really good discussion posts on her blog. You can read it HERE
  • Evelina’s review of Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi. I recently got an eBook of freshwater which I can’t wait to read and her review made me even more excited about the book. You can read the review HERE
  • The Book Banque’s review of what sunny saw in the flames by Nnedi Okorafor which I read this year and loved. This review was fun to read and made me look at the book through a slightly different view. A well-crafted review, now I’m here wondering if my review of the book will be half as good. You can read it HERE

I also noticed that nowadays I mostly follow book blogs which isn’t a bad thing, but I want to read blogs about other things too. So if you know any fun, fascinating or informative blogs, please feel free to recommend them to me.

Wishing you all the best in this month of March. Keep shining and have a blessed day.

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  1. Oh ahah I saw my name written and froze for a second xD nope .. not me; I need to check this other Kristina’s blog !

    Also totally agree with you ! Evelina’s discords are the best, and also the reason why I took back my blog here and tried again after leaving the boat for a week ! and look at me, being constant for two months, some times all you need is other bloggers’ encouragment ! πŸ™‚
    Also you should take a look at Lauren’s discord “BooksandTea” also if you haven’t !

    1. Oh I’ll take a look at Books and tea discord. The international bloggers group has really been helpful and I’m glad I joined. And it’s good to hear that it’s helped you as well. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  2. Yay for first wrapup posts πŸ™‚ did you only join last month? I thought we’ve had you for so much longer now! πŸ™‚ thanks for linking my blog and talking about the group. It’s always great to have the word out, in case some new bloggers want in πŸ™‚

    Wait, and do you know Taiwo? She is also from Nigeria! She is in the group, but I don’t know if you’ve talked. So there’s not just Lara, there’s more of you!

    Ooh, you’re NetGalley stack looks awesome! Oh, and thank you so much for sharing my post πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah I joined first week of February I think. Yes Lara told me about taiwo, we haven’t talked yet though but I’ve checked out her blog. The group is great so I definitely want to spread the word to other bloggers. Your review was awesome so I just had to share it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is a great wrap-up post! I got Emma and Violette from NetGalley too and really enjoyed it! I want to read Binti too because I heard so many great things about it.

    Have a nice month!

    1. Wishing you a great month too. I loved the binti trilogy, would love to know what you think of it when you finally read it. Nnedi Okorafor’s books are great .

  4. Eeep that’s so awesome you’ve gotten those ARCs and also The Belles!! (I loved your review of that one eep.) And book boxes are awesome right?!πŸ˜‚I’m totally a fan too. Good luck with uni too though!! I can imagine it’d be exhausting trying to keep on top of everything. I was away most of February and struggled to blog with just that.πŸ˜‚

    Hope you have a great March!

  5. Aww, I’m mentioned, didn’t pingback though :(. I love this post, I’m very glad that I found you also, I recently found someone on the International Bloggers too, her name is Taiwo, once I saw the name Taiwo I was excited, she’s also a Nigerian book blogger, she’s great. I’ll find her twitter and blog link and I’ll send it to you. Wow, you have a physical copy of The Belles! Congrats o! Be telling me good news like this na. Eya, school so stressful, but honestly, it was my final year that was the most stressful for me, and it was because of Project, the funny thing is, I got the best scores in 400l, like when I was the most unserious about school. I was just about let me finish and graduate and I was always going home every other weekend, either to chill, go and watch movies or for owambe parties. DOn’t over stress yourself about blogging, even posting once a month is good.

    1. Aww.. So excited to meet another Nigerian book blogger. Yeah I have noticed that when I don’t stress myself about school too much I actually get really good grades, I really don’t get how that works but these lecturers here will always look for how to stress youπŸ˜’. We really need to plan a meet-up one of these days. 😘😘😘

  6. Congrats on your first ARC! I know how hard it is to get ARCs as an International blogger.

    I hope uni is going well and I’ll look forward to your other posts.

    I have yet to read The Belles… I don’t know what to expect but I just hope it’ll be great.

    1. Yes. Getting ARCs is really hard for us. How have you been? Uni is going well, can’t wait to graduate though. Would love to know what you think of the belles when you finally read it.

    1. Yes I did. I think I’m really loving graphic novels right now, I’ve requested for so many of them on Netgalley. Can’t wait to see what you think of the belles when you read it. Happy New month

    1. Yay glad you like the binti series. I’m waiting for the sequel to Akata witch to be released in my country so I can devour it. I really like Nnedi Okorafor’s books

    1. You are welcome. Your post is great, made me notice that I was subconsciously holding my favorite genres to higher standards than others. Looking forward to your next discussion post 😊

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